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38 airportbusiness June/July 2018 AIRFIELD MAINTENANCE By Steve Cooper Tuscaloosa Airport Solves a SINKHOLE PROBLEM Replaces storm water drainage system with watertight pipe having sanitary sewer-grade gaskets. The HP Storm pipe was installed onto the geotextile-wrapped bedding. Afterwards, the geotextile was wrapped around the crushed stone envelope, then the remainder of the soil backfill was put into the trench where the geotextile fabric would serve as a barrier against soil particles that might otherwise easily migrate into the voids of the open-graded crushed stone bedding material. When sinkholes began to develop along the outer edge of the safety area for the main runway at the Tuscaloosa Regional Airport (TCL), the city took action to save the airport, prevent damage to aircraft and protect the field maintenance crew by replacing the storm water drainage system. To stop future sinkholes due to infiltration of water into the system's Class III reinforced concrete pipe (RCP), the decision was made to use polypropylene pipe that has high-integrity gasketed joints between sections.

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