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34 airportbusiness June/July 2018 TERMINAL DESIGN "The clients who are coming here could come from Chicago or they could come from Milwaukee," Riegel said. "You want to be region specific to make them feel like they're not putting in a Las Vegas-style terminal in the middle of Wisconsin." Building a more comfortable feel meant taking out a main desk meeting people through the landside entrance of the terminal and replacing it with an open space with seating pods. Chairs allow for semi-private talking areas for people to congregate, with the desk moved back to the corner. "It makes it very conducive to conversation as well as warm," Read said. Riegel said charging ports were also added to allow for recharging devices while passengers are waiting to leave in addition to upgraded meeting area spaces with new technology. "A lot of thought was put in to the convenience for the traveler," she said. The pilots lounge was updated to provide a comfortable space to allow for extending relaxation with recliners. A "snooze room" with a bed and blackout curtains was added to provide pilots with a place to sleep while waiting to leave so they don't have to find a hotel with dayrooms at a hotel. "The feedback has been tremendous," Read said. "The word you hear most often, especially from people who haven't been here in a while is just 'woah.'" Hangar construction began in April 2017 and finished in November. Read said the FBO has already seen an uptick in transient traffic since it opened. The facility is 190 feet long and includes a 28-foot Norco door, Big Ass Fans, 480 volt plug-ins for GPU systems, prismatic lighting and five dual shop/office spaces totaling 575 square feet each, allowing private areas for work performance. "It's nice to be able to tell someone when they land that you do have hangar space for them when they land here," he said. "Word is getting out and we're getting a lot of calls for our hangar." Patsy McEnroe Photography The interior of the Atlantic Aviation terminal at Crites Field was opened up to allow for a more modern look with private areas to allow groups to congregate. The center area inside the Waukesha location of FBO includes a center stone fireplace, which delivers a homestyle feel to mimic the Midwest. Morgan Harbour Construction

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