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June/July 2018 airportbusiness 19 COVER STORY a high level of service to our customers." Improvements were very well received by the public and MSP was named in 2016 as having the best bathroom in the Cintas' America's Best Bathroom contest. A CLEAN WIN TO YOUR BOTTOM LINE Bradley Corp. released its annual hand washing survey in February, where it revealed half of the public will either "definitely" or "probably" spend more money in a business with a clean and well-maintained restroom. Jon Dommisse, director of global strategy and corporate development for Bradley Corp., said despite this finding, about 70 percent of survey participants reported an unpleasant restroom experience, which is an 11 percent increase in just three years. Dommisse said the survey showed 47 percent of people who go into a restroom and find it in unkempt condition said it was evidence the establishment didn't care about customers or is run by poor management. "You have close to 50 percent of the people directly attributing an unkempt or unpleasant bathroom to the quality of the product or service offering that organization has," he said. "We've dug into that more and 45 percent of consumers say they will definitely or probably spend more money at a business that has a clean, well-maintained restroom." Dommisse recommends airports make touch-free devices the standard for their facilities, relying more heavily on dryers as opposed to paper towel dispensers and consider 3-in-1 style faucets. "One of the biggest blowbacks you have in a bathroom is the reams of paper that are in sinks, on the floor and overflowing waste receptacles full of paper," he said. "Because of the constant flow of people, you can't get maintenance people in there enough." Dommisse recommends easy to clean surfaces as opposed to just how good it looks. "If people see a bunch of stains and actual marks on the fixtures, they think they're full of germs and it looks unkempt," he said. "If it looks unkempt, I'm probably going to try to go somewhere else or on social media." PUT TECHNOLOGY FIRST Jimy Baynum, vice president of e commerce and professional hygiene for Essity, said proactive A CLEAN AIRPORT RESTROOM: NOT JUST A PIPE DREAM By Fabio Vitali PASSENGERS at Nashville International Airport were in for an unpleasant surprise last year when 380 pieces of luggage were removed from the baggage carousel due to sewer water leaking from a clogged toilet. Another toilet clog caused major delays for thousands of passengers at Orlando International Airport. According to the Federal Aviation Association, more than 2.5 million passengers fly in and out of U.S. airports every day. High levels of foot traffic make regular restroom maintenance a necessity for ensuring guest satisfaction. Through proper restroom upkeep and thoughtful product selection, airports can maintain a positive brand image and improve the bottom line. The Importance of Traveler Satisfaction Whether traveling for business or pleasure, people can easily become stressed in an airport environment. Checking in, getting through security and finding the correct gate is not typically enjoyable. During busy times like these, a clean, accessible and well-stocked restroom can contribute significantly to a traveler's perception of the airport. Yet if restrooms aren't in pristine condition, travelers can easily become frustrated. According to a 2013 survey, some of the most common issues that negatively contribute to a user's perception of a restroom include dirty or sticky floors, unflushed toilets, odor and overflowing trash cans. A 2018 Harris Poll also found that 86 percent of Americans say a clogged restroom toilet would negatively impact their perception of a business. Unfortunately, it's also easier than ever for dissatisfied patrons to shame businesses with unclean restrooms. Society's increasing reliance on social media allows guests to share complaints with a wide audience and shape public perception. With a single tweet, a brand can be forced into the spotlight based on one traveler's poor experience. To protect a business's image, proactive maintenance is key. Essential products should always be in stock and things such as faucets, stall locks and paper towel dispensers should function properly. Regularly checking and cleaning restrooms can help minimize long lines, costly disasters like clogged toilets and social media firestorms. A Restroom Revolution Prioritizing cleanliness can have a significant positive impact both on travelers' experiences and an airport's bottom line. Fortunately, some restroom products are designed to simplify maintenance and exceed guests' expectations. Consider the following solutions for airport restrooms: f Biodegradable toilet paper. Advanced toilet tissue products can help reduce toilet clogs and the costs and negative backlash associated with these scenarios. When this paper makes contact with water, it activates natural, non-pathogenic microorganisms that produce enzymes to eat away dirt in the toilet's pipes. The microorganisms reproduce, multiplying the cleaning effect. Once their work is complete, the enzymes biodegrade, leaving behind no residue, odor or negative environmental impact. No longer do airports need to close restrooms or stalls to fix a toilet clog. Travelers will appreciate that they can quickly use a restroom free of unsightly issues and odors. f Dissolvable paper towels. Facilities should stock paper towels that won't block pipes if they are accidentally flushed down the toilet. Products that dissolve in several minutes reduce the opportunity for clogs. Be sure that these products also feature high absorbency so that guests can quickly dry their hands and continue with their travels. f Automatic dispensers. An electronic dispenser can help control the consumption of paper towels to reduce unnecessary waste. A quality dispenser will be constructed from durable materials, sleek in design and resistant to corrosive chemicals. High-quality dispensers will keep restrooms looking their best while reducing replacement costs for a facility. f Touchless faucets. Customers tend to prefer touchless fixtures because it limits the number of surfaces with which their hands come into contact before and after handwashing. Read more:

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