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TECHNOLOGY By Scott Willis Traveling Toward the Future: IoT and the Airports of Tomorrow To achieve their IoT goals, airports need an in-building wireless system that is future-ready. As with every other industry, technology is changing the airport experience, from passenger amenities to airline logistics. As sensors, connected devices and intelligent data analytics become part of everything we do and everywhere we go, airports have opportunities to improve travelers' experiences and streamline operations with access to real-time data and the promise of the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT can improve multiple aspects of an airport, such as by regulating traffic flow and helping passengers navigate using Wi-Fi, beacons, NFC tags and geolocation; streamlining security checkpoints with biometrics like facial recognition; and reducing the number of lost bags using electronic luggage tags and sensors – and more. Zinwave 20 airportbusiness May 2018

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