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PROJECT MANAGEMENT limiting the number of doors, creating walls to withstand hurricane-force winds and building a "double roof," to protect the assets if the main roof fails. "The idea was to take their flight simulator that had been housed in different parts of the campus and put them in a building which protected their investment and their assets," he said. "Each one of those flight simulators is around $15 million." The flight simulator paths had very close tolerances on the flatness and levelness, so McCarthy used laser scanners for the first time in order to make sure all of the formwork was set up properly and again after the concrete was placed to make sure crews met the tolerances and make corrections where needed. They also used 3D cameras to identify items inside of a wall before they were sealed to record the data for Southwest. By doing surveys of every piece of pipe placed in the ground and giving the information to the airline, they will have that information to refer back to if they wish to make modifications. "Our key ingredient was intense communication focusing on the project schedule, fast-track construction, and the consensus of all decision makers," Dorsey said. "We 'housed' McCarthy, BOKA, consulting engineers and our Southwest project team all in the same facility throughout the program to ensure decisions were made efficiently for our critical schedule to be delivered on-time. Communication, decision making and project consensus were foremost on our minds." Orfield said designers worked in front of all the project stakeholders to speed up the design process and allow for faster decision making. He said designers also created a very close relationship with the contractor. "We got permits before the design was really finished, so we had people on-site finishing the documentation and working with the contract to maximize the value of the decision we were making and to ensure they had answers as quick as possible," he said. "To put in $200 million worth of work with one in-and-out in just 18 months is a herculean task." DAN CUMMINGS, PROJECT EXECUTIVE WITH MCCARTHY CONSTRUCTION. Airfield+ boosts airport performance from the ground up ADB SAFEGATE delivers more than reliable airfield ground lighting. With Airfield+ support, you gain access to remote monitoring and diagnosis, torque and asset management, photometric calibration and accredited training programs. All backed by 24/ 7/365 support. Airfield+ offers an unparalleled service partnership that combines exclusive tools with our extensive knowledge to ensure operational efficiency and boost performance. Visit Remote Monitoring & Diagnosis Torque & AssetManagement Photometric Testing AGL Training Academy® May 2018 airportbusiness 11

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