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NON-AERONAUTICAL REVENUE By Spencer Stewart Get Your Technology RFP in Order Get a clear idea what you want in your non-aeronautical revenue technology to get better results on your RFP. "Do you have any good samples of revenue software RFPs that you could send me?" Over the many years of working as a partner in the aviation software space, this is one of the most common requests that come from clients or prospects. If I were to get at the heart of what they're asking, I'd put it this way: "In your experience, what are the best practices for procuring revenue software that would benefit my airport, protect my job and make me look smart?" While each airport has its secret sauce and unique attributes, there are some common threads of success that weave their way through many well-written RFPs, especially when it comes to non-aeronautical revenue projects. Caveat emptor: I come at the task from a real estate perspective, having spent over 15 years as a commercial broker, property manager, software vendor, only to find that while helpful, a real estate perspective is not always the best approach. Base rent bumps and escalations are not the same as rates and charges. A deeper understanding of the unique ways in which airports lease and manage non-aeronautical revenue spaces, significantly helps to inform the conversation toward best practices. So without further delay, a series of best practices observations I've witnessed in the wild: EDUCATIONAL CRASH COURSE While the revenue collection methods at airports is slow to shift, things change quickly and often dramatically in the aviation software space. Reach out to those partners who you'd expect to want to respond to your upcoming RFP and ask for a demonstration of their product, either online or in person. Put a 1-1.5 hour collar around it GCR 10 airportbusiness April 2018

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