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AIRFIELD MAINTENANCE ductwork. The airport wanted to be able to click on a line or duct and have information about it pop up on screen. A software that did this would help ATL's engineers see if the duct in question was useable or full and costly to add other circuits to without physically inspecting it. Another function ATL wanted was to be able to select an individual circuit and have its route highlighted on screen. This would enable maintenance technicians to view a circuit route they were troubleshooting on an electronic device rather than carrying very large paper drawing sets around with them. Aviation Infrastructure Solutions joint venture, consisting of Michael Baker International, Pond and Corporate Environmental Risk Management, input inventory data into AutoCAD. While AutoCAD did create the visuals ATL was asking for, the software did not make the images "clickable" or interactive the way the airport desired. After exhaustive research, the consultant team found no software currently being used in the aviation industry that had the features ATL was requesting. The solution seemed to be either develop a custom software or expand the search to other industries for a pre-made software that could be manipulated to function in the way the airport was requesting. Initially, creating a custom software seemed to be the best approach. Pond & Company had successfully developed and deployed numerous other asset management programs for clients, however, none of these directly interfaced with the AutoCAD environment in the way ATL wanted them to. So while development of an appropriate solution was entirely feasible, the timeline for completing the project did not include enough time for new product development. Another complication was that the inventory project was being let through an established on-call contract with the airport. Adding additional computer programming team members posed contracting complications that Creating an inventory of an airfield's utility system as it currently exists is a worthwhile endeavor for saving time on maintenance and operations, especially at large airports. Pond & Company AIRFIELD OPERATIONS CONFERENCE &TRADE SHOW September 10-13, 2018 Niagara Falls, Ontario JOIN US swif YOUR AIRFIELD CONFERENCE LEKTRO Since 1945 The Original Aircraft Tug Models Ranging 15,000 to 280,000 lbs. •Electric •Towbarless •Certified •Universal •Easy to Use •Simple to Maintain •Rugged 1-800-535-8767 1-503-861-2288 April 2018 airportbusiness 41

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