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RUNWAY MAINTENANCE had a PMP to guide them, it's back to the drawing board. "That's a scenario that can largely be avoided when the people who are preparing the pavement management plan can implement some of that engineering and construction expertise into the process. Spending a little more time during the planning process can produce big dividends when it comes time to execute a project. It's just a matter of taking a deeper look at the pavements and all of the factors that play into it," Taylor said. The firm developed a practical pavement management approach to PMPs over the past couple of decades. It evolved in response to changes in the industry, in particular, in regard to available funding. Where once airports could schedule major rehabilitation projects and trust that the funding would be available, changing times have forced them look for creative options to help them balance The preparation of a PMP should not be isolated from the realities that exist on the airfield. It requires having a thorough understanding of the many factors that affect a repair project. Crawford, Murphy & Tilly Inc. Pond has the expertise to keep your airport running AVIATION • Runway, Taxiway & Apron • Airfield Lighting & NAVAIDS • Security Systems • Hangars & Maintenance Facilities • Air Traffic Control Towers FUELING • Fuel System Design & Construction • Tank, Piping, Pressure Vessel Repair Design • Cathodic Protection Inspection • API 653/570/510 Inspections | STI SP001 Inspections X-Marker L-893 Runway Closure Marker April 2018 airportbusiness 35

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