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RUNWAY MAINTENANCE By Roger Austin Insight Into Pavement Management Change your viewpoint on pavement management to make gains keeping your airfields operational. Anyone can look at a blood pressure reading, check the chart and then tell you if there's a problem. But it takes a medical professional to look deeper and determine why that person's blood pressure is so high. And then to prescribe the best remedy to rehabilitate that person back to health based on their overall condition and lifestyle. An airport's pavements are critical as well, but the standard approach of treating them is to conduct Pavement Condition Index (PCI) testing, check the ratings and then apply the textbook rehabilitation method. PCI's are still an essential component of a pavement management plan (PMP), but there have been major advancements in how PMPs can be conceived and prepared. You could be getting a much better, long term prognosis for your pavements. "If you come at pavement management from a design and construction perspective, you get a much more comprehensive look at everything that is actually involved. Not only will you be able to determine the optimal repair method, you'll also be to develop phasing plans that minimize operational impacts and maybe most importantly, deliver more accurate cost estimates to help balance out budgets and take advantage of available funding," said Chuck Taylor, senior aviation engineer, Crawford, Murphy & Tilly Inc. Taylor has been around airport pavements for over 30 years. One thing he hears a lot from the airport directors he works with is their frustration when, after obtaining funding for a project and getting buy-in from their partners, the preliminary engineering report comes in and they discover that it will cost much more than expected. At that point, despite having Where once airports could schedule major rehabilitation projects and trust that the funding would be available, changing times have forced them to look for creative options to help them balance their yearly budgets and maximize the life of their existing pavements. Crawford, Murphy & Tilly Inc. 34 airportbusiness April 2018

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