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4 airportbusiness April 2018 CONTENTS April 2018 FEATURES 10 Get Your Technology RFP in Order Know what you need before finding your ideal tenant management software. 16 Why You Were Not Selected for the C-Suite Develop these skills to take your career to the next level. 20 What Do You Do When The Lights Come Back On? In the wake of Atlanta's massive power failure, consider what you need to do to protect your airport. 30 Tomorrow's Snow Tackled Today Airports are looking to the future to make sure snow removal equipment works and is stored securely. 34 Insight Into Pavement Management Change your viewpoint on pavement management to make gains keeping your airfields operational. 40 Mapping Technology Eases Airfield Asset Management Get an accurate assessment of your as-built data now to create a better plan for the future. 46 Accident Prone: The case for Pre-Employment TesƟng of Safety SensiƟve Employees Screening employees to find their reaction to tough situations can build the foundation of a company's safety culture. 50 IT Technology Can Strengthen Your Airport A new study shows airports can see major gains by implementing modern IT technology. DEPARTMENTS 6 Inside the Fence 8 Industry Update 9 Publisher's Note 14 Washington Watch 38 Legal MaƩers 44 Airport Guru 24 The EvoluƟon of Ontario InternaƟonal Airport One year after breaking away from LAWA, Ontario International Airport sees major gains. COVER STORY TWITTER @ABToday LINKEDIN FACEBOOK SOCIAL MEDIA

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