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NON-AERONAUTICAL REVENUE and make sure they understand that it's less about the partner's company (minimizing the PowerPoint) and primarily about educating the evaluation team. If a partner shows a really nifty feature that resonates with the audience, you might want to consider adding it to the RFP requirements. However, on the opposite end of the spectrum, be careful about including every possible whim in the requirements section. Be clear on your core scope and the things you must have in a final solution, then let the presenting vendors show you their secret sauce and why they're the best thing since sliced bread. RELATIONSHIPS STILL MATTER You're still asking a group of people (revenue software providers) to respond to the needs of another group of people (your airport staff). Just because you're in the middle of piecing together an RFP for revenue management, doesn't obviate the utility to engaging people you know and trust in the industry. BUDGET, BE FREE! People are often hesitant to give internal budget numbers even though there's a high probability that it's already been published the previous year in the public domain. It generally won't affect the respondents' costing structure, but will help weed out those partners who are either too expensive or under-powered to support the best solution long-term. We're still competing against each other on the balance between features and price, often called value. GCR Airfield+ boosts airport performance from the ground up ADB SAFEGATE delivers more than reliable airfield ground lighting. With Airfield+ support, you gain access to remote monitoring and diagnosis, torque and asset management, photometric calibration and accredited training programs. All backed by 24/ 7/365 support. Airfield+ offers an unparalleled service partnership that combines exclusive tools with our extensive knowledge to ensure operational efficiency and boost performance. Visit Remote Monitoring & Diagnosis Torque & Asset Management Photometric Testing AGL Training Academy® April 2018 airportbusiness 11

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