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LAND SIDE February/March 2018 airportbusiness 11 in a brief window overnight, say three to four hours," Horton said. "They just need a standard EV plug in charger to do that." For airports with 24 hour operations, Horton said there are also in-route charging system options so the bus is refueled during brief lay- overs periodically during the day. Some buses use lithium ion batteries, Horton said, which have a similar lifecycle as a regular electric vehicle. Proterra recommend battery upgrades at the midlife of the bus, which is around six to eight years, but the bat- teries are under warranty for 12 years and will continue to operate for the full 12 years, though they will lose some of their original capacity. "That lines up well with what they're used to in doing overhauls of their vehicles to repower or replace a power plant on a CNG or diesel bus," he said. "[Public transit] has been moving very quickly in the direction of full electrification of their fleet. We see airports coming right on the heels of where those public transit agencies are going," he added. Mineta San Jose International Airport (SJC) announced in November it's purchasing 10 electric buses from Proterra to shuttle travelers on the landside of the facility. Bob Swensen, landside operations manager for SJC, said the airport began looking at elec- tric buses to replace its CNG fleet in 2016 after leaders became aware of federal grants to fund the purchase of the vehicles. The airport won a $3.8 million ZEV grant and used it to pay 50 percent of the purchase cost. SJC provided the other half of the cost. Swensen said the airport sought just six buses, but the FAA alerted them to additional funds, so they opted to replace the entire CNG fleet in one swift action. SJC chose Proterra after putting out a request for bid (RFB) and a rebate program made it the lowest cost of the electric buses on the market. Swensen said SJC shares green initiatives with the city of San Jose and the implemen- tation of electric buses helps meet the initia- tives. It also provides a cost savings of about Every Minute Matters. Time is your most valuable asset. ADB SAFEGATE helps you make the most of it, so you can keep your airport moving efficiently and effectively. Learn more at Airfield • Improve cost efficiency • Enhance sustainability • Reduce downtime Gate • Ensure safe operations • Decrease disruptions • Increase gate capacity Travelers have praised the electric buses at Indianapolis International Airport for their quiet ride. Indianapolis Airport Authority

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