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FACILITY DESIGN December 2017/January 2018 airportbusiness 23 current capacity and these improvements also would assist in securing longer leases. Beyond the need for more space, some projects demand more and for Atlantic HOU the requirement was to deliver an "iconic" design per the Houston Airport System (HAS) to complement the com- mercial terminal improvements. Their primary goal was to avoid impacting ongoing operations while improving the efficiency of a facility that had its origins 60 years ago as a maintenance operation for Eastern Airlines. Knowing these two drivers led to a flight-inspired butterfly roof FBO along the main airport access drive to respond to the HAS requirement for a pro- gressive design. Atlantic's enhancement of their operation was answered with and a wid - ened 450' ramp flanked by two new 37,000 SF hangars and a renovated 45,000 SF hangar, all with the focal point of the FBO at the head of the ramp area. Nearly as important as the facility layout was the "when" of the project. This was dictated by multiple complex phases of moving tenants from hangar to hangar as each was completed to ensure that ongoing operations were not impacted. All this effort was orchestrated with the overall completion and operation of the FBO just a week before Super Bowl LI in Houston. Perhaps another obvious upfront expecta- tion is cost, although this can be complicated to fully address at the early stages of a project. The program, phasing, timeline and finish level of the project all need to be established as soon as possible in order to set the right track for the cost model. For expedited projects, such as with Atlantic PDX, one solution came down LEKTRO 1-800-535-8767 1-503-861-2288 Models Ranging 15,000 to 280,000 lbs. The Original Aircraft Tug www. .com LEKTRO Easy to Use Simple to Maintain Electric Towbarless Rugged Universal Certified Since 1945 Atlantic PDX were kept in check through the realistic development of a concept design, cost model, and appropriate contingencies for "what-ifs" early on in the project. JRMA Architects and Engineers

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