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LANDSIDE OPERATIONS December 2017/January 2018 airportbusiness 17 The SkyConnect cars arrived in July at the Port of Tampa with much fanfare. We celebrated the delivery with Florida Gov. Rick Scott, secre- tary of the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), a representative from vehicle manufac- turer Mitsubishi and the consul general of Japan. Testing of the SkyConnect on the guideway has begun. We expect to begin full service oper- ation in February. With the end of the Phase 1 of the Master Plan nearing completion, we are beginning work on Phase 2: a commercial development around the rental car center that will include an office building and hotel with easy access to SkyConnect, and express lanes at each of our curbsides for use exclusively by passengers with no checked bags. Our final phase is a 16-gate airside expansion project. Working closely with our contractors, we expect Phase 1 to come in under budget and only slightly behind schedule. We're pleased with those results, and excited about the future. We stand on the shoulders of those airport leaders who came before us, and who faced bumps in the road on the way to realizing their vision but remained focused on the end result. In 1971, the first weekend after the first week of operation of the then-new Tampa International Airport, 70,000 Tampa Bay area residents clogged airport roadways just to get a glimpse of its wonders. Official delegations from nearly 50 countries – including Turkey, Germany and Belgium - traveled to Tampa for a first-hand look. A local newspaper article published one year after the opening deemed Tampa International Airport the "world's most mod- ern airport" and one of the area's top tourist attractions, and quoted visitors who called it "beautiful," "fantastic" and "lovely." It was apt that the airport of the future came out of the ground in the same place that gave rise to the world's first scheduled flight, piloted by aviation pioneer Tony Jannus across Tampa Bay. Now, in an era of social media and on the edge of our transformation to an automated transporta- tion network, people from all over the world tune into to our Facebook live broadcasts showing progress on the SkyConnect. We look forward to welcoming local travelers, tourists and the just plain curious to share in our excitement early next year when we the train goes into service. When you need the assurance that your fuel additive is blocking the formation of ice crystals without fail, turn to Nexeo Solutions' PRIST ® Hi-Flash™ anti-icing aviation fuel additive. Designed to meet the new demands of the aviation industry, next generation PRIST Hi-Flash fuel additive is less toxic, less volatile, and easier to use than conventional additives. For safe flying, all aircraft without fuel heaters should use an anti-icing fuel additive. Get the one safety conscious aviators ask for by name — PRIST Hi-Flash fuel additive. Recommended for every refueling Available in convenient packaging, from aerosol cans to bulk loads Fully authorized by the United States Armed Forces Military Specification and by the ASTM • • • Learn more at Contact your representative at 1-844-347-8333 for your next order. PRIST Hi-Flash Additive FLY SAFE WITH Joe was appointed CEO on January 1, 2011, as Tampa InternaƟonal Airport's new Chief ExecuƟve Officer. He has worked 37 years in the aviaƟon industry. Prior to accepƟng the CEO posiƟon in Tampa, he worked at the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport for 14 years as its ExecuƟve Vice President for MarkeƟng and Terminal Manage- ment. His experience also encompasses 19 years in the airline industry, including serving in leadership posiƟons at ConƟnental Airlines. Joe Lopano ABOUT THE AUTHOR

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