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FACILITIES MANAGEMENT 48 airportbusiness May 2017 • Forecasting occupancy per shop/restaurant/ other area, per flight • Bypasser/browser/engaged/buyer ratios • Forecasting shopping time per flight • Forecasting occupancy and shopping time per flight as a function of check-in/security/ gate announcement time/gate allocation. The statistical combinations can be as generalized or precise as airport management wishes it to be for review and optimization. USAGE Facilities Documenting movement patterns is crucial to greater efficiency when planning new construc- tion initiatives and for optimizing the position of signage, processes, retail outlets, services and general layout, to improve the retail ten- ancy mix and more. Operation and resource planning To comply with service-level agreements and evaluate or challenge key performance indi- cators, it is important to measure and predict queue and flow. This provides airports with resource effectiveness visibility for greater pro- cessing efficiency. As the solution measures passenger flow in real time, it can provide early warning when predefined thresholds are exceeded. This enables airports to proactively initiate countermeasures before the situation escalates, for instance by opening additional processing lines. By adding third-party data sources, such as flight information and passenger data, airports can forecast passenger volume and show-up profiles generated per weekday, carrier, flight type, etc. This allows airports to simulate the consequences of changing production capacity, to automatically and accurately scale staffing resources with passenger demand, both on the fly and for days, weeks and months to come, without affecting KPIs. Passenger experience Travelers hate queues – time spent waiting invariably comes at the top of the list of com- plaints. This solution enables airports to put lines in perspective, for example with real- time wait times on screens at security and The basic requirements for happy travelers are easy parking and check-in, speedy security processing, and comfort while waiting in airport terminals. Blip Systems "The solution provides us with immediate visibility to the customer experience and resource effectiveness with throughput planning. It allows us to put the customer at ease at a critical stress point and reinforces our expectations around superior customer experience." BRIAN COBB, VICE PRESIDENT, CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE AT CVG.

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