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TECHNOLOGY May 2017 airportbusiness 31 • The project was reviewed every other month in the technolo- gy governance meetings by the executive management team. • The lab environment was created in a space in JIA's admin- istration building that everyone could access and get a "first hand" experience with the proposed content. • The project team took on the role of "evangelist." We were all prepared with an elevator speech, and took opportunity to talk to everyone we encountered. If a team member got in the elevator with a vice president, they would say something like "We finished our designs. They are running in our lab. Do you have time for me to show you?" In this way, we consciously tried to reach as many of our key exec- utive stakeholders as possible with formal meetings, information conversations, and formal project communications. Internally, the project team met weekly, even if we felt we didn't have much on the agenda that week. The meetings always turned into something productive, even if it was only to review design ideas and build alignment. THE RESULT JIA now enjoys a digital media management system that sup- ports the JIA brand, ADA compliance requirements, emergency communications and enhances the traveler experience deployed in a safe, rational manner that caused no business disruption. The system has provided a higher level of stability and reliability for the business than the old systems, and the business con - tinues to come up with new ideas to expand its use. KNOW WHO. AND WHEN. AND WHERE . Reduce operating costs, guarantee regulatory compliance and mitigate the insider threat with SAFE for Aviation — the identity and credential management solution trusted by airports worldwide. NOW YOU'LL KNOW. Steven joined the Authority in 2012, and has been working with execuƟve management to implement corporate InformaƟon Technology (IT) govern- ance structure as well as put in place needed IT processes and procedures to build a sustainable IT program. This effort has already realized an excess of $500,000 reducƟon in IT costs, while also building an equipment refresh program and 5-year IT-Business plan. Steven Schultz, Director of the IT, AdministraƟve Division of the Jacksonville AviaƟon Authority ABOUT THE AUTHOR

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