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WAYFINDING May 2017 airportbusiness 19 The entire wayfinding system is controlled with a software system designed by Four Winds Interactive that gives DEN complete control over content and allowing concessionaires to com- municate customized messages based on any number of factors: time of day, location of the kiosk in the airport, day of the week, special events that are bringing travelers to Denver, and much more. Four Winds also integrated the wayfinding system with the same data source that is used to concessions and amenities infor- mation on DEN's website, allowing updates to automatically be made to multiple systems from the same source the airport is already using. These types of visual communications systems are only as effective as the software that pow- ers them, which must give an organization the ability to customize content in a way that is simple and effective. One interesting aspect of this project that we should mention is how we worked with DEN to customize how the system is integrated with their emergency communications processes. These screens can be used to deliver emergen- cy messages that are controlled by the airport, for example directions to exit points. In the case of DEN, we designed the system to align with the airport's strategy of reducing visual and audio stimuli during an emergency so that passengers can focus on the information being given by airport employees on the floor or over loudspeakers. To align with that strategy, our screens are designed to automatically fade to black in those scenarios. Visual communications via interactive screens is one of the most powerful tools that airports have for capturing the attention of pas - sengers and communicating effectively with them in an environment where they are mov- ing so quickly and where there is so much other information and stimulus coming at them. DEN's wayfinding implementation for passengers is proving how effective they can be for enhancing passenger experi- ence and driving concessions revenue. TOGETHER to power your airport performance Visit our new home at, − for all your gate, airfield, tower and service needs. Chris Hill and Randal Dick lead the airport and trans- portaƟon working group at Four Winds InteracƟve, which is a leader in the visual communicaƟons industry that works on high-visibility projects with airports and other organizaƟons around the world. Chris Hill has more than 20 years of overall experience in the technology industry, with nearly eight years of that at Four Winds. He earned his degree from Colorado State University. Randal Dick has 32 years of experience in the soŌware industry, including senior roles at JD Edwards and PeopleSoŌ. He has been with Four Winds for eight years, and he earned his degree at USC. Four Winds' airport and transportaƟon team has worked on prominent projects at airports across the globe, including Montreal internaƟonal Airport, Boston Logan InternaƟonal Airport, Changi Airport Singapore, Las Vegas McCarran InternaƟonal Airport, Zurich Airport and dozens more. Chris Hill and Randal Dick ABOUT THE AUTHORS

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