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WAYFINDING May 2017 airportbusiness 17 and travel journalists is the quality of the dining, shopping and other services at the airport. Not only is the quality remarkable, but it's a true reflection of what makes Denver special: • You can get the same steaks at DEN that you can at Denver institutions like Elway's and the Denver Chop House • You can taste Colorado's best microbrews at the Boulder Beer Tap House just like you're going for a stroll in Boulder • You can get a cup of some of Denver's best coffee at Dazbog Coffee at the airport just like you can at their charming cafes in town • There's a taste of the mountains if you get a gift box of elk or buffalo jerky from Climax Jerky • Heidi's Brooklyn Deli is there — another Denver institution • So is one of Colorado's nationally beloved craft brewer's New Belgium • And Tattered Cover, a great bookstores • Plus so many other places to dine, shop and relax The bottom line is that there is a lot to do at DEN, by design. The airport has done a great job of making this a showcase for the state of Colorado. In many ways, it's the best of Colorado all in one place. And these carefully curated con- cessions are an important source of revenue for the airport in a time when non-aeronautical rev- enue is critical to every airport around the world. As every reader of Airport Business magazine knows, aeronautical revenue is highly volatile even for an airport as consistently busy as DEN, which is one of the top 20 busiest aviation facil- ities in the world. Growing concessions-related revenue is one of the most important ways that airports can even out the volatility of aviation revenue and maintain a solid financial founda- tion for the airport, and DEN's implementation of a new visual wayfinding solution created by our team at Four Winds Interactive is proving Annual AAAE Conference & Expo Visit dormakaba at Booth 914 May 7–10, 2017 Long Beach, CA It's time for a new exit strategy. dormakaba's Exit Lane Breach Control technology employs real-time video analytics, system monitors, and motion sensors that interface with airport systems to detect and identify suspect persons and objects left unattended. Plus, the modular stainless steel construction allows multi-lane configuration to provide the highest throughput achievable. It's time to replace the old guard with a new exit strategy that saves time and money—without compromising airport security or passenger safety. DORMA and KABA are now dormakaba. Visit What passengers feel more comfortable using are large-format kiosks with interactive information to select the information they want, with the option to take select information with them that doesn't require an app download. Four Winds Interactive

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