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WAYFINDING 16 airportbusiness May 2017 By Chris Hill, Randal Dick You Can Get There from Here: Digital Wayfinding at Denver International Airport If you live in Denver like we do, it's com- monplace to hear people say, "I'm heading out to the airport a bit early to relax before I head out," or hear out-of-town friends say, "I had a lay - over in Denver and it was lovely. Wish this were my local airport." That passenger experience isn't an accident. We know that firsthand from working with the team at DEN, who carefully cultivate that experience to make the airport a true oasis for passengers. People may think that their getaway starts when they arrive at their destination, but airports like DEN are chang- ing that deeply-ingrained perception by making passengers feel like they have departed as soon as they arrive at the facility. It starts with the airport's iconic architecture and commitment to investing in art installations, which imme- diately make passengers feel transported. But it doesn't stop there, and that's where a recent- ly-launched visual wayfinding system at the airport comes in. One of the things always mentioned about DEN in the high ratings given by passengers D enver International Airport (DEN) is one of the busiest airports in the world. It's also one of the best, by nearly any mea- sure. It has been rated as the best airport in North America that serves 50 million or more passengers per year, and that praise is not simply because of the spectacular views of the Rocky Mountains that constantly remind you that you're in a very special place. Passengers and industry experts alike give DEN enviable ratings on an annual basis for how well designed the airport is, how efficiently it is operated, the quality of the ame- nities…and even how clean the restrooms are. The great views are just a bonus. The wayfinding can provide turn by turn instructions that can be texted or emailed to your phone. Four Winds Interactive

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