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December 2018/January 2019 airportbusiness 21 AIRFIELD MAINTENANCE runways be swept at lower landing and takeoff periods. They should also determine if they’re attempting to use grant monies that require FAA high speed runway specs. “The key to effective sweeping, whether runway, tarmac or street, is proper operator training,” Giles said. “While effective sweeping is not difficult, there are some key procedures that make the removal process extremely effective while preventing damage to the sweeper and maintaining operator safety. Brian Singer, sales and marketing manager for Buffalo Turbine said blowers can clear taxiways and runways of FOD in two passes. Though blowers have typically been used for snow removal, some airports are turning to the technology for FOD removal because of challenges with drag mats. “One of the challenges we hear about is these drag mats are wearing down these surfaces,” he said. “It removes the FOD, but they’re finding that it’s also grinding down the surface.” Pick what works for you Jonathan Mason, fleet supervisor for the San Diego Regional Airport Authority, said crews tackle the single runway at San Diego International Airport by running mechanical sweeper units from 11:30 p.m. to 6:30 a.m. By running the sweepers side-by-side and utilizing good time management skills, Mason said they’re able to clear the entire runway in the short period of time. “They keep getting more efficient,” he said. “They’ve got big hoppers FOD originates from a variety of sources and can create major safety issues on the airfield if not properly addressed. Dennis Kiem FLY SAFE WITH PRIST Hi-Flash Additive When you need the assurance that your fuel additive is blocking the formation of ice crystals without fail, turn to Nexeo Solutions' PRIST Hi-Flash anti-icing aviation fuel additive. Designed to meet the new demands of the aviation industry, next generation PRIST Hi-Flash fuel additive is less toxic, less volatile, and easier to use than conventional additives. For safe flying, all aircraft without fuel heaters should use an anti-icing fuel additive. Get the one safety conscious aviators ask for by name — PRIST Hi-Flash fuel additive. • Recommended for every refueling • Available in convenient packaging, from aerosol cans to bulk loads • Fully authorized by the United States Armed Forces Military Specification and by the ASTM Learn more at Contact your representative at 1-844-347-8333 for your next order. PRIST Hi-Flash Additive

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