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20 airportbusiness December 2018/January 2019 AIRFIELD MAINTENANCE maintenance and easy to use and understand. Some operators don’t like the manual process related to cleaning out the mats after use, but Hughes said it’s an incredibly effective tool compared to other cleaning technologies. “The efficacy of friction mat sweepers still can’t be beaten by any of the other technologies,” he said. The vacuums, the rotary brushes, nothing comes close to that, especially when it comes to small FOD.” Hughes said FOD Control Corp. continues to see friction mat style sweeper in demand in critical use scenarios, such as runways. “Where the U.S. military is operating extremely expensive aircraft like the B-1 Lancer, they go to this technology versus any other one,” he said. “They’re trying to get 100 percent elimination of everything down to as small as possible because the cost of one FOD event is astronomical.” Brian Giles, product manager for Schwarze Industries said air sweepers remove all materials from the flats and grooves. In comparison, magnets only remove ferrous materials and mats can push debris into grooves only to be lifted back out by the next jetwash. “Air sweepers remove all the material from the flats and grooves,” he said. “Sweepers can also utilize air blast that cleans material from between markers that cannot be reached by magnet or mats or towed behind brooms.” Giles said in the last five years there has been improved operator interface with sweepers and lower engine exhaust emissions. This improvement has allowed the sweeper to be more flexible and meet a wider array of tasks while being easier to operate, more comfortable for the operator, quieter and use less fuel. When considering sweepers, he said airports need to ask if they really need a true high speed runway sweeper or can the While runway runs are great marketing events, it's important to consider FOD issues it can create and how to address them immediately. Jeff White Photography Runway runs can create FOD issues for airports, which need to be addressed immediately following the event. Jeff White Photography Dennis Kiem FOD BOSS FOD GONE The Ultimate Airfield Sweeper® * Unbeatable performance * Removes nuts, bolts, washers, stones, sand * No motors, vacuums, magnets * Sweep widths 8', 16', 24' * Efficient and fast - up to 30mph * Works on all surfaces - wet or dry * Low cost, portable, reliable * Maintenance free * 10 year guarantee Photo courtesy of NASA DISTRIBUTED IN THE U.S. BY MYSLIK, INC. 303.697.9692 WWW.MYSLIKINC.COM |

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