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TECHNOLOGY December 2018/January 2019 airportbusiness 15 your booking opportunity. For example, when your airport guests pre-book their parking online, provide the option to add lounge access with the click of one button before checkout. If you don’t feel that your own website will drive the amount of traffic you’d like to see, partner with another website that will make your lounge a part of their booking journey. Not only will this expand your distribution network, but it will provide convenience to your guests that are already booking travel through this other site. They’ll appreciate the ease of booking. Working with a team of digital specialists, an airport can pinpoint what part of the digital journey a guest would be most likely to add the purchase of access to an airport lounge. The same specialists can then strategize on how to execute the integration in a way that makes it the easiest for airport guests to encourage the most bookings. Customization Consumers now crave the ability to customize their every experience. As the world becomes more global and our tastes expand, so does our craving for a larger selection of options and customization. Technology provides an amazing opportunity to reach across the globe and deliver something special to guests within the four walls of our lounges. Research your guests’ wants and needs and use that information to pinpoint the type of customization that they’ll find valuable. Then work with a team of digital experts to design the delivery method of exactly the type of customization that they crave. For example, we’ve found that our lounge guests appreciate feeling connected to their hometown wherever they may be. So, with the help of PressReader, we can deliver complimentary access to 7,000+ publications in 60+ languages. This complimentary service allows guests to download newspapers and magazines to enjoy in the lounge then take on board their flight via whatever device they may be carrying on their journey. With the implementation of this single digital program, we’re able to align our lounges with the world’s top publications while giving guests the option to customize their reading selection in a way that we could never imagine without the use of technology. One guest may fill their iPad with Vogue, Life & Style and Yoga Journal while another guest fills their smartphone with USA Today, Newsweek and Forbes. Every guest can design their own lounge entertainment experience. In addition, we also learn even more about our customers as we study the publications that resonate with them the most. Lifestyle Comforts When it comes to “feeling like home,” being connected is the most important part. Airport lounge Wi-Fi speed should match the speed of the super-fast personal connection that guests enjoy when sitting on their own couch at home. When a guest logs on to your lounge’s complimentary Wi-Fi they should be greeted with speeds that are so fast that they can download their favorite Netflix shows and begin binge watching before they take their first sip of coffee. We’ve all been there; connecting to free Wi-Fi only to find that the speed is moving at a snail’s pace and you can see your day’s productivity slowly slipping away. A weak spot in this one amenity can truly destroy your guest satisfaction scores. There is no doubt that slow Technology provides an amazing opportunity to reach across the globe and deliver something special to guests within the four walls of our lounges. MAG USA

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