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14 airportbusiness December 2018/January 2019 TECHNOLOGY By Sid Higgins PUT TECHNOLOGY INTO PLAY WITH YOUR AIRPORT LOUNGES Providing viable technology options in your airport lounges allows passengers to enjoy lifestyle comforts when traveling. It’s no secret that airport travelers rely on technology to complete their end-to-end journey. They use technology to plan their voyage because it makes life a little easier. It allows them to have total control over their trip and puts their experience, literally, into the palm of their hands. There’s a real opportunity for airports and airport lounges to deliver the seamless experience that travelers desire. An opportunity that would allow airports to earn more revenue and deliver an outstanding guest experience. When designing an airport lounge experience that utilizes technology, it’s important to build your strategy around the needs and desires of your guests. Thanks, in part, to the advent of technology, guests now crave conveniences that their computers, tablets and laptops deliver all day every day: streamlined services, the ability to customize and easy access to lifestyle comforts. Here are just a few best practices that we believe deliver these three desired conveniences to airport lounge guests. Streamlined Services Technology is making most processes smoother and easier; booking a dinner reservation, purchasing tickets to a concert, paying utility bills, etc. Travelers now expect the same seamless experiences with their airports. They want to lessen the steps it takes to get from booking to destination. Streamlining the process to booking lounge access is key in not only improving the customer experience, but in increasing traffic to your common use lounges. How do you streamline airport lounge bookings? Embed the booking process into another integral part of the airport booking journey. Insert your lounge booking into another booking journey that an airport traveler would never miss to increase the number of views to

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