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December 2018/January 2019 airportbusiness 11 DESIGN CONCEPTS brand exposure for the parent company and restrictions imposed by the governing airport authority. Hiring a professional design team with knowledge of airport construction intricacies reduces scheduling conflicts and controls costs. Host pre-launch meeting. A solid team aligned at the beginning of the project, with diverse representation and effective communication, can turn challenges into workable solutions. The key is asking the right questions and drawing on what has worked in the past. A savvy design team appoints one person as liaison between all groups. A kickoff meeting allows key players to articulate needs and potential concerns, allowing the design team to anticipate deadlines and successfully manage the project. For an example of what might be required, the governing authority at Dulles International Airport required the design team of &pizza to provide full-size chair samples for the review, prior to the airport giving approval to submit for permits. During the schematic design phase, custom-finished chair samples were required to be submitted and approved, which is an atypical critical path item compared to more traditional projects. In another coordination scenario, a Chick-fil-A in Greenville–Spartanburg International Airport had floor drains under front line soda machines that were unacceptable as liquids could penetrate a floor slab above an existing mechanical room. The design team communicated these obstacles to the engineer who proposed a creative compromise. Critical to the project’s success was installation of 12” concealed drains on the customer side with longer drain lines on the back side that provided access for cleaning and maintenance operations. Identify critical issues at the outset. The best way to make decisions and satisfy priorities is to identify critical issues and communicate to stakeholders in the initial design phase. There are some upfront costs to this early planning approach, but getting consensus reduces scheduling conflicts and costly change requests that might otherwise crop up later in the project. The design team should schedule and chair an initial meeting between the retailer, airport authority, local municipalities and contractors. The design team can address all concerns, get everyone on the same page, and delegate tasks accordingly. The design team can then better manage tasks and deadlines throughout the course of the project, ensuring a more successful project for everyone. Preserve the Brand Experience within an Airport Brand promotion. Retailers want to maintain their brand experience while adding a bit of local flare. As mediator, an experienced design In aviation facilities, branding materials and finishes must be fire retardant and can almost never be composed of plastic laminate. Oculus Inc. The best way to make decisions and satisfy priorities is to identify critical issues and communicate to stakeholders in the initial design phase. Oculus Inc.

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