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38 airportbusiness November 2018 FBO MATTERS By Douglas Wilson Employee Development: It's Easier Than You Think As a young employee of an FBO, I was fortunate to have very forward thinking managers. To be sure, they were my mentors; not just my managers. I might add they were very, very patient mentors, for which I remain eternally grateful. When I had a question, the answer was always a generous “Let me show you…” as opposed to a curt “…because that is the policy.” Further, save for a strong tuition assistance program, no formal employee development program existed at the time as an internal offering from my employer. It seemed navigating the unpublished map of advancement within the FBO was a combination of luck and persistence. Notably, it struck me that the path to the general manager’s seat of the FBO was far from clear. Because it simply wasn’t published. This was almost 20 years ago. Today, with very few exceptions this phenomena hasn’t changed. There remains no clear, industry-recognized path to the FBO general manager’s seat. Or for that matter, the path is unclear on a number of advanced positions within the FBO industry. Coupled

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