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36 airportbusiness November 2018 TOTALLYBOGGUS By Roddy Boggus It's a Gas! Do you know how that whole “oxygen thing” works in the aircraft you’re on? Oh sure, a mask drops down and you must put it over your face, which means both the nose and mouth, unlike some recent videos we’ve seen. But, did you know that the oxygen no longer is coming from a cylinder of compressed oxygen flowing through tubes below the overhead bin? What? “How can that be?” you might ask. Members of the Institute of Boggus Talk (IBT) have recently uncovered the very tricky way that aircraft manufacturers are now providing oxygen to you, the passengers, when a cabin is faced with a decompression event. The air in the oxygen masks doesn’t start out as oxygen, but rather a cocktail of other chemicals. Oh, sure, what eventually gets to you is oxygen that you can breathe, but that “oxygen” was actually made by an overhead oxygen generator. Yeah, that’s why the dang thing gets so hot; it’s like making oxygen out of other stuff when you pull down on the mask. What is that other stuff? Well, it is sodium perchlorate and iron oxide. When these two chemicals mix together, they create oxygen and heat. For those of you keeping score at home, the composition formula is NaCIO4. Combined with iron oxide, FeO. Well, this really got us going and made the professionals at the IBT wonder what other nefarious gasses the airlines are passing on to the passengers, right under our noses.

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