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34 airportbusiness November 2018 FACILITY MAINTENANCE By Brian Kingston Why PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE is Essential to Any Lighting Upgrade Making a maintenance plan for your LED lighting will improve operations and relieve future headaches. Putting together a preventative maintenance plan can make sure your terminal has optimal lighting and provide a roadmap to addressing future issues. ABM Long operating hours, rising energy costs and security concerns all make interior lighting a significant cost driver for airports. And with increased scrutiny on the passenger experience, lighting doesn’t just need to be functional, it should also create the right ambiance. LEDs have emerged as a silver bullet for reducing costs, improving the passenger experience and cutting energy consumption. They consume up to 40 percent less energy than fluorescent lights and last three to seven times longer. They’re also flexible enough to use in all environments within an airport – from restaurants and retail shops, to terminals and security checkpoints. LED lighting is one of the fastest-growing technologies in human history. Because of that growth, it’s becoming more reliable and cost-effective. It’s an improvement on its predecessors by leaps and bounds, but poor maintenance can sabotage the long-term benefits. Are LEDs Really No Maintenance? A common misconception about LEDs is that low maintenance equals no maintenance. One of the reasons LEDs perform so much better than their counterparts is because they’re more complex. But that also means they’re subject to a wider range of failure modes. For instance, driver failures can affect lighting output and quality and poor thermal protection can shorten their lifespan. Like any complex system, LED lighting requires regular upkeep to operate at its full potential. This isn’t a reason to shy away from upgrading to LEDs – their benefits far outweigh

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