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October 2018 airportbusiness 35 Nathan Luce After dramatically transitioning from a hub for Delta Air Lines in 2013 to a growing origin & destination market, Memphis International Airport is reinventing itself and Nathan Luce, as manager of engineering and construction, is leading the charge. He is currently overseeing four large capital projects with a total budget of nearly half a billion dollars — a consolidated rental car maintenance facility, an airfield operations, maintenance and support facility, a new consolidated deicing facility and a $214 million Concourse B Modernization Project. “I love seeing projects move from abstract to physical. There’s something really wonderful about the privilege of being involved in a project from conception, when it is just an idea or a thought, all the way through to completion,” said Luce. Luce’s father was a career pilot. “So I’ve always had aircraft in my blood. A mentor where I used to work, John Pankey, gave me my first opportunity to work on the engineering side of an airport project,” he said. “And my former supervisor at Memphis International, Joe Polk, also retired, encouraged me every day to be better. I’m trying hard to fill his shoes in the role he once occupied.” Luce would like to see changes in how the FAA regulates the industry. “I want to see a project environment wherein the FAA’s regulatory oversight is easier to navigate with fewer restrictions,” he said. “We are operating in a need-it-now environment,and the current processes can make it very difficult to quickly meet the highly evolving needs of the different users at an airport.” Why does Luce like being in the aviation industry? “First, it’s the aircraft. I know it’s just a matter of aerodynamic science, but every time I see a 700,000-pound Boeing 777 lift off, there’s something magic about it,” he said. “I also enjoy the airport environment – it’s a place where people start adventures, a place where people are reconnected after being apart.” Continued online at The Memphis-Shelby County Airport Authority is proud to be represented by Nathan Luce, P.E., Manager of Engineering & Construction, as one of 2018's 40 Under 40 honorees. Congratulations, Nathan!

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