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October 2018 airportbusiness 21 EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW aircraft, propeller airplanes, where passengers would walk in the front door, stay on the first floor, walk out and get on an airplane. We had to convert the second floor, which for all practical purposes was nothing but offices and restaurants into gate hold areas. We had to drop some jet bridges off those areas, we had to incorporate TSA into the building in 2001, so that building was never meant to do what it has been doing for the last 10 years, so it was due for an update. AB: Your airport has garnered more than $61 million in federal funds in the past five years. How have you been able to successfully make your case for funding with lawmakers? MD: First and foremost I’d give the credit to the FAA. We have a very strong relationship with the FAA and we’ve been able to tell them our story and they have accepted that story and agreed that Rockford could be and should be a great alternative or reliever airport to O’Hare. They have been very supportive. We also tell the same story and work the same communication system with our congressional folks in Washington and Senator Durbin, Congresswoman Bustos and Senator Duckworth have been extremely supportive of this airport. AB: What additional air service is your community looking for? MD: The one thing we’ve made a mistake on in the past is we’ve gone out and tried the revenue guarantees. That just hasn’t worked and we’re not pursing anything like that. The community would love to see continued growth in the nonstop jet service to places. We’ve got a great carrier here in Allegiant that really services five of the best vacation destinations in the country. It’s pretty hard on the passenger side to compete with O’Hare when you’ve got American, United and Delta there that offer business travel. We’re really not set up for nor RFD Operations Team We Offer Water Fillable Barricades for Projects Large or Small 888.496.3625

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