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October 2018 airportbusiness 19 EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW miles away from the Chicago market. We’ve always believed that sooner or later both the cargo airlines and the passenger airlines would find us and figure out that we could be a great alternative to Chicago O’Hare when trying to serve the Chicago market. The real strong reasons for the increase is because that has now happened. We’ve been found by airlines both from the passenger side, but mostly from the cargo side at this point. They’ve now identified that planes can get into this airport, load or unload and have their product to a distribution center in the Chicago market probably in most cases faster than they can get it off O’Hare. Rockford for the last 30 years has been home to UPS. We’re the second largest air hub for UPS outside of Louisville. Their activity has increased significantly over the last two years. We’re also now home to Pinnacle Logistics, which is handling stuff here for ABX, ATI and Atlas. AB: How will UPS’s recent plans to invest $15 million in its cargo facility at Rockford impact operations? MD: We’re being told it’s going to significantly increase their operations. We’re working on a new ramp plan for UPS, which is about a $30 million expansion of the ramp on top of what they’re doing. AB: How is the airport equipped to take on this additional traffic and cargo? MD: As these carriers will say to us “flying the airplanes to your airport is one thing, having a place to park them and handle them is another.” The challenges for us — though I think we’ve met the challenges very nicely — is expansion of the infrastructure in terms of parking and building capacity. We’re now RFD Operations Team

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