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August/September 2018 airportbusiness 39 COVER STORY ago, we had 10 security lanes. A few weeks ago we opened our eleventh and twelfth lanes. We’re building our thirteenth and fourteenth lane. When we get our ticketing wings in the next year and a half, we’ll have 18 lanes. That’s right before we split the airport in two, so you’ll either be on the C-D side or the A-B side. It’s all about getting the passengers in through ticketing, in past security and onto the gates. In the last two or three years of BNA Vision, nobody will be in the center of the airport and that’s where we’re basically expanding into the full 24 lanes, building the shopping mall inside the center terminal and we’ll eventually end up with six international gates as well. AB: British Airways started servicing the airport in May. How has the community embraced it? DK: The community has really been a great help with convincing British Airways that Nashville is worth the risk. We’re the smallest market they have ever entered in the U.S. We worked very hard to convince them that there’s something special going on in Nashville. Once they got here and were able to see it, think the truly appreciated it. The state, the city, the airport authority, we’ve done everything we could to assist them. We built a new 25,000 square foot catering facility. The first month they operated, the load factors were 90.8 percent. The first 20 days of June it’s 94.8 percent. Needless to say, they’re pretty tickled that there’s about four or five seats every flight that are not filled. AB: Are you focusing on more international? What markets? DK: They definitely would love for us to go to Asia. We’re doing some planning to make sure we have the right runway lengths for nonstop service to Asia. We’re also looking at other opportunities in Europe along with Central and South America. When we brought in British Airways, we did an $8 million renovation of our existing international arrivals facility, which basically gave us the capability to receive two aircraft simultaneously and process 400 passengers per hour. The new BNA Vision Nashville facility will go up to six gates and 800 people per hour. The master plan shows we’re going to have a couple hundred percent increase over the next 20 years and international travel, it will be Europe, Central and South America and one of these days, Asia. AB: How about domestic destinations? DK: It really goes back to the different industries. I know when I go out and make presentations, Portland is one they really want to get ahold of because it will help them with healthcare and specifically healthcare IT. Richmond, we have a couple days per week service to them, but they want daily service for our insurance industry. We try to look at it by industry and by passengers. It evolves on what seems and monthly or quarterly basis that we’re always looking for a new target. LEKTRO Since 1945 The Original Aircraft Tug Models Ranging 15,000 to 280,000 lbs. • Electric • Towbarless • Certified • Universal • Easy to Use • Simple to Maintain • Rugged 1-800-535-8767 1-503-861-2288 Walker Consultants

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