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August/September 2018 airportbusiness 27 TERMINAL DESIGN introduction of electrochromic tinting glass and other means of adjusting daylight, passengers who subliminally experience greater levels of comfort are more likely to dwell and increase spending. Through incorporation of tunable lighting, this enhanced comfort can permeate the terminal beyond those areas directly receiving daylight and increase profit airport-wide. Some commercial airlines have already begun incorporating circadian lighting in their aircraft to help passengers better adapt to their destination’s time zone. In these aircraft, light temperature and intensity changes throughout international flights encourage passengers to adjust sleep schedules and arrive well-rested. This improvement to the traveler’s wellbeing can also be seamlessly extended and complimented within the terminal prior to departure. By dynamically tuning each gate’s lighting to correspond with the appropriate time zone of its destination, passengers can begin to adjust their internal clocks even before boarding. Lounges have long prioritized a culture of hospitality within their spaces. Consideration of circadian rhythm and tunable lighting takes the hospitality aspect beyond the superficial nature of luxurious finishes and extends it to include the consideration of overall health and well-being. Introducing tunable lighting and individualized light products can help passengers choose to rest or boost energy pre- or post-flight, bringing the power of adjustment to the individual. Personalized rooms or pods can be designed to allow individuals to enter their flight number and receive a private and personalized light therapy session specific to their itinerary. The aviation industry has only begun to explore the possibilities of circadian entrainment and tunable lighting. Though lighting may not be able to completely diminish jet lag, considering circadian rhythm taps into our inextricable connection to nature and the world around us — offering the potential to revolutionize the passenger experience in our increasingly global lives. ABOUT THE AUTHORS Ginger Gee DiFurio Ginger has been instrumental in expanding Corgan's airport and airline customer-facing design expertise, with the recent rollout of the Delta One projects, a luxury check-in/processing area dedicated to Delta's most elite travelers. Beth Schmidt Beth Schmidt is an award-winning designer and artist. Her experience has ranged from boutique retail concessions to million square foot concept terminals and renovations. Her concentration on aviation design stems from her desire to create impacƞul spaces that influence individuals and redefine their experiences. ARCHITECTURE | ENGINEERING | CONSULTI NG A PARTNER YOU CAN TRUST Airports choose RS&H again and again because we deliver on our promises. We help you solve the challenges of today and achieve your vision for tomorrow. From the entrance road through the terminal to the end of the runway, – together, we go further.

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