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26 airportbusiness August/September 2018 TERMINAL DESIGN seamlessly continues the passenger’s circadian rhythm without interruption. Applying the same lighting principles to the baggage claim areas helps passengers to begin adjusting to their new location before they even leave the building. Offering “layered” lighting through the terminal provides passengers the opportunity to better control their experience at every point of travel. Long, midday layovers for passengers traveling to the opposite time zone could be improved with a low, warmly lit space to spend downtime. Keeping this light temperature closer to 2,700 Kelvin has the benefit of mimicking the domestic quality of light in a living room and further encourages relaxation and stress reduction. Beyond helping the passenger, this has the potential to provide a better environment for airport employees, who are also susceptible to the same disruption to their circadian rhythm. For example, dynamically tuning workspace lighting to simulate the ideal circadian rhythm (cycling from 2,500 Kelvin to 6,500 Kelvin) could improve alertness, help sleeping patterns and put workers at less risk for chronic disorders associated with reversed sleep-wake cycles. The implications of considering both passenger and staff needs has the potential to increase airport revenue and decrease sick leave and ‘loss of productivity’ costs. “Wake up” concessions and amenities, such as coffee kiosks and smoothie stops should offer bright blue light that provides an energy boost while groupings of lower lit, sit-down restaurants and lounge amenities will appeal to those needing rest or relaxation. Zoning concessions of these varieties together helps subconsciously lead passengers to the decision that best benefits their health and wellbeing — allowing passengers to personalize their experience, improving satisfaction and driving sales. As demonstrated with the Daylight creates stimulation for humans, but traveling across time zone can create issues with their circadian rhythm, which can create stress and fatigue. Corgan Associates BLAZING FAST CONNECTIVITY = HAPPY CUSTOMERS Nearly two-thirds of people (62 percent) say that they feel anxious when not connected to Wi-Fi. Keep your passengers connected and at ease with wireless solutions from Boingo. Blazing fast DAS, small cell & Wi-Fi connectivity Instant, secure access with Passpoint TM technology Award-winning customer service Why stress it? Let Boingo take your customer satisfaction to a whole new level. WANT TO LEARN MORE? CONTACT: Danielle D. Aiello VP, Account Management Proud member of the ACI-NA Business Information Technology Steering Group Source: iPass, November 2017

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